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""Russia has widely recognized institutions that provide high level education, along with lots of public libraries and an environment that is fantastic for studies. Only a month after starting the course, I successfully passed the TORFL-1 exam. As I am a Software Developer and I am planning to pursue Master's of Science in Big Data and Machine Learning from ITMO University, Russia and would love to take part in Hackerrank and other projects in the future. "
Gaurav Agrawal
From Mumbai, India
"I marked to move out of my comfort life as I want to learn new things and accomplish a lot of goals in my life.
Your comfort zone is a huge aspect of how you define yourself, and learning abroad early [in my education] may be a great opportunity for me to expertise and enhance my cultural awareness "
Zasha Swan
From Australia
"Public transport is well organized in Russia. It is very easy to get around using the bus services which offer special student rates. Tuition Fee is quite affordable. Russia is the best place for living and for studies as well."
Junaid khan
From Bhakkar, Pakistan
′′ When admission to Saratov State University, I was full of fear because of bad reviews of studies in Russia and fake news about racism and generally low culture of the country's population circulated in the media. Arriving at the Moscow airport ′′ Domodedovo ′′ on September 21, 2017, I decided to find out the truth behind these comments. I will immediately say that my fears have not been confirmed. On the way to Saratov, I repeatedly encountered Russians who helped me without even knowing English. These unprecedented events suddenly proved to me that Russians are actually kind and welcoming people. Out of all countries, I preferred Russia primarily because of my trust in the education system in it and its attitude towards the protection of both its own citizens and foreigners were convinced. I started my education with Russian language classes, which I met wonderful teachers and university staff. During my time in Russia, I have never felt stressed. On the contrary, I was very satisfied living in this country and in this city. "
Clement Tabiri Konadu
From Accra, Ghana

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