Admission Steps

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At the very beginning students must send the enquiry to the university with complete academic details (mostly highest academic degree) &must mention the course he/she want to study in Russia.

Admission Steps

The list of the following obligatory documents has to be uploaded by the student(s) to  consider the possibility of admission for Study.

✓Fill-up your your personal and academic background and  details.

✓ Upload your Photo

✓ Upload your Passport containing photo, personal data and date of birth

✓ Upload your academic Transcripts. This is basically your academic record, similar to a consolidated mark sheet which will include all courses you’ve taken with your grades, credits and degree received. Your scores will affect your chances to get admission into your preferred university or college. Therefore, it is mandatory to upload  your test scores with your application.

✓Choose University/Learning Institutions and apply to course/degree of your right choices.

✓ Submit your personal Statement Letter (Compulsory for those students who wish to study Master’s, Research and  Doctoral‘s degree Program):- The most important component of your application, this essay will mostly talk about your background, reason to pursue your program in the preferred university and your career goals. Invest a lot of time in writing your essay as this is what will help your application stand out in the crowd of thousands of students.

✓ Letter of Recommendation (LOR)/(Compulsory for those students who wish to study Master’s, Research and Doctoral‘s degree Programme). LOR is an academic letter of recommendation from any of your professors or managers that talks about skills, achievements, experience and contribution in your college/university  or professional organization. This letter enables the admission council to get an insight in your life and accordingly decide your admission.

✓ Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume (Optional). A CV or a resume will give a comprehensive insight into your academic and professional timeline.
Discuss with your counsellor for all the necessary pointers.

Please pay attention to the fact that in some cases, the bachelor’s applicants have to pass the entrance exam
conducted by the university/learning institution. Ensure to upload all of your degrees, certificates, internships and relevant work experience in your dashboard, but don’t go overboard.

Study in Russia

After sending all the necessary documents to the university students will get a letter of acceptance/offer from the University and with the letter students must pay the tuition fees as mentioned in the Letter of Acceptance.

After paying the University’s tuition fees student will receive Invitation Letter within 30-90 working days and can apply for visa.

Student visas are obtained through the Russian Embassy (Consular Department) or  Russian Consulate in your country of residence. In some countries there are authorized visa center which provide such services. 

Student need to prepare the following documents for Student Visa:
✓ Filled in Visa Application Form which can be filled online at
✓ Original Invitation letter (REF-Moscow will provide)
✓ Original international passport (with valid Russian visa)
✓ Higher Secondary School certificate
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✓ Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV
✓ 2 Passport size Photos (3 x 4)
✓ Visa Application Fee

Please visit government portal of the Consular Division of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further information regarding immigration and Russian visa.

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After obtaining a visa from the Russian embassy or Consulate, students should notify us of their flight details and arrival time within the prior 1 week period. Students should submit a guarantee letter (issued by Russian Education Forum and Learning intuitions) to the immigration department upon arrival. One of our staff members shall receive the student at the airport. In case student/partner agency will not inform us about student’s arrival, students must inform to the Learning Institutions about travel details. Student should bring all the documents at arrival which he/she submitted to embassy for visa.

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