Application Deadlines For HSE University Scholarship You Shouldn’t Miss
Application Deadlines For HSE University Scholarship You Shouldn’t Miss

Application Deadlines For HSE University Scholarship You Shouldn’t Miss

Have you submitted your Russian university application for September 2020 intake? The application period for the autumn semester is still ongoing for many Russian universities. However, some universities are closing their applications in only a few days or weeks. May 27, 2021, is the deadline for international students who wish to apply for a scholarship at the National Research HSE University Russia.

Most importantly, if you are an international student, there is still time to apply for HSE University scholarships. The full-tuition scholarships given out every year in May. Similarly, on May 27, 2021, the Scholarship Committee will meet for the last time to determine who will receive full and partial scholarships.

Scholarships Options For Undergraduate and Master’s Applicants in HSE University

Undergraduate students who are participating in the qualification test, the HSE Global Scholarship Competition (GSC-2021) and other national and international competitions are eligible for a full undergraduate scholarship. The HSE Global Scholarship Competition (GSC-2021) covers some of these subjects including. Foreign Languages (English) International Relations, Asian Studies, Design, Journalism, History, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Media Communications, Law, Psychology, Advertising. And Public Relations, Modern Politics, Social Sciences, Physics, Philology, and Philosophy.

Since 2013, 211 competition winners of the HSE GSC-2021 have obtained full scholarships to pursue their Bachelor’s degrees. Many who competed in the international Olympiads awarded 20 scholarships. Based on the results of the qualifying competitions, 51 candidates won scholarships. The University held virtual qualifying competitions throughout the spring of 2021, and an HSE delegation even travelled to various countries.

“Our recruiting process for talented foreign students is continuously getting improved. As a result, we’ve developed a scholarship program for foreign Olympiad competitors. We hope to extend this service in the future,” said Kirill Kisel, Deputy Director of the HSE International Admissions Office

Further, applicants for master’s programs provide a portfolio and an application to compete in a portfolio competition. The Scholarship Committee selects scholarship recipients based on their performance in the portfolio competition. Each program has its own set of parameters for portfolios. Portfolios with a score of more than 65 points reviewed by the Committee. 272 students awarded full scholarships, with 114 of them winning the International Competition “Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project.”

Still, You Can Get Full Scholarships

Moreover, the remaining 48 full scholarships will be awarded by the Committee at the end of May. Please allow at least two weeks for your submission to be reviewed.

Even if you’re not awarding with any one of the 48 full scholarships, there are still options for financial assistance.

You are still eligible for a partial scholarship of up to 70% for Bachelor’s degrees and 50% for Master’s degrees. Additionally, international students who sign their contracts with the University before May 23 and pay their fees by June 1, 2021, will enjoy a 5% discount.

“HSE University’s main goal is to help young students all over the world understand their full potential and fulfil their dreams through education. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for a good university, but we are grateful that hardworking and talented young people can get into one of Russia’s finest universities.  What one needs to do is trust in oneself and move on, and everything will fall into place. We congratulate all of the students who are awarded full scholarships! At HSE University, we are excited to welcome new international students,” said Alexander Deev Director of the HSE International Admissions Office.

Meet Carlos, a 2nd year Master’s student at HSE University.

A couple of years ago, Carlos made the decision to study in Russia, and his life has changed dramatically as a result. Watch this video to find out how he came up with this idea and hear him dispel some of the popular myths about studying in Russia.

If you have already started your application and would like to follow-up, or want to submit your new application, please send your questions to the Russian Education Forum Team / HSE University Admission Member.

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