Degtyarev: target enrollment at the Far Eastern Medical University by 2026 will be increased by more than 3 times

Degtyarev: target enrollment at the Far Eastern Medical University by 2026 will be increased by more than 3 times

Khabarovsk. December 8. – DALNY VOSTOK – The number of students recruited for targeted recruitment at the Far Eastern Medical University in Khabarovsk should be increased to 500 people within five years, said the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev.

“To solve the personnel shortage, I instruct the regional government to increase the target enrollment to the Far Eastern Medical University from 150 to 500 students by 2026,” Degtyarev said on Wednesday at an expanded meeting of the regional government, where he presented the regional development strategy for the next five years.

In addition to the university, he ordered to double the enrollment in the medical college and by 2026 bring it to 1.1 people.

It is also planned to employ 250 university graduates and 100 residents in medical organizations of the region annually.

In addition, every year the regional government will provide 50 apartments for medical workers.

Degtyarev added that in order to provide high-quality medical care in 2022, the construction of the infectious diseases building of the regional children’s hospital in Khabarovsk will be completed, and at the final stage, the construction of a polyclinic in the Pribrezhny microdistrict of the regional capital, designed for 22.5 thousand children.

Also, work continues on the construction sites of a tuberculosis dispensary in Khabarovsk, a hospital in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, a children’s hospital complex in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and an interdistrict oncological dispensary there. A new hospital is planned to be built in Sovetskaya Gavan, and in Khabarovsk there is an ambulance station and a hospital named after Alexandrovich in the Industrial district of the city.

Within the framework of the program for the modernization of primary care, worth 8 billion rubles, previously approved by the governor, it is planned to renovate and build 30 feldsher-midwife stations, 10 outpatient clinics, and purchase at least 100 special vehicles.

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