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Experiencing the Wonderful Charm of Student Life in Russia

Experiencing the Wonderful Charm of Student Life in Russia

Ljiljana Filipovi, a student from Croatia, is currently studying at the HSE Graduate School of Business’ Masters in International Management program. Further, she is also helping international students learn Russian at the ‘Russian speaking club,’ organized by the International Prep Year program by HSE University. Similarly, in her interview, she shares her wonderful and charming experience during her student life in Russia and offers some helpful advice for overseas students:

HSE University provides a variety of preparatory programs for foreign students, including 6-month and year-long advanced Russian language courses, as well as an English preparatory program in Economics. Applications are now open for the year-long course at the Moscow campus and offered in both online and in-person modes. Further, starting August 1, applications for both the intense 6-month Economics study and English preparatory course will begin.

Ljiljana Filipović HSE University Student
Ljiljana Filipović , Student at HSE University, Moscow Campus

As a student of international affairs, I became fascinated by Russia student life, its markets, and the prospects it presents for Croatian businesses. Because I want to work as a diplomat in the Russian Federation and commit my career to Russia, I need to be fluent in the Russian language.

The Russian consulate in Croatia suggested me HSE University as one of the greatest Russian universities. The HSE University, one of the greatest universities in the world, was recommended to me as the ideal option for my future profession.

The First Steps to Learn Russian

I remember it was September 26, 2019 arriving in Moscow with the instruction papers given to me by my professor who had previously lived in Moscow. I didn’t know much Russian at that time—just enough to ask for what I wanted. The fact that most Russians do not speak English, and it is critical to know Russian, I believe, was a major stumbling block. The preparatory program was well-organized; we learned Russian quickly and were able to adapt to new surroundings.

Our teachers were committable in teaching us in a welcoming environment. They were really approachable, friendly, and eager to assist. The office for international students was always available to assist us with any obstacles or problems that arose.

Russia is a wonderful country with a rich culture and kind people, and the Red Square is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, in my opinion. I got a fantastic opportunity to meet students from all around the world, learn about different cultures and traditions, and expand my circle of friends.

My original language is Croatian, which is a Slavic language, therefore learning Russian was easy for me; the preparatory year helped me learn it quickly and understand it almost as well as my home tongue.

Learn Russian in the Russian Speaking Club

This year, I was assisting foreign students at the Russian Speaking Club, which helps them learn to speak Russian. This project is especially important in light of the current circumstances, in which many international students are unable to travel to Russia.

When you have Russian friends, watch Russian television, read Russian newspapers, or go to the movies, you learn the language much faster. During your stay in Russia, everything you see is written in Russian, so you ‘live in’ in it.

I believe that the Russian Speaking Club is a great way for international students to gain valuable knowledge and advice that will make living and studying in Russia simpler in the future.

A Piece of Advice

Taking that initial step, to go out into the world on your own, is a difficult task, but it does allow you the opportunity to grow and strengthen your faith within yourself. When you miss someone or are aware that you are outside of your country, it might be tough to cope. Also it’s not always easy to live in a dormitory. However, such experiences, on the other hand, make you stronger and teach you valuable lessons.

Of course, you have the support of the institution, the dorm staff, your coworkers, and your roommates. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible! It was great to experience the fascinating student life in Russia.

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