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What documents are required for admission to Russian universities?

If you are applying for training/Preparatory Basic Program/ undergraduate program (i.e., a program that only requires a high-school level of education), you will need your high school transcript and it must show all of your grades obtained from all years of high school (usually grade 9 – 12). If you have finished high school, your high-school graduation diploma/certificate is also required. You can apply for a Master’s program if you have either Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree. You will also need a copy of your passport (if you have one). You will also need medical certificates specifying that you have no diseases or no HIV infection.
Though eligibility criteria and requirements of documents might differ according to your chosen program. Check the specific requirements for each program here.

How much do tuition and Accommodation costs in Russian Universities?

Tuition fees can range from $2000 to $12,000 based on what and where you wish to study. In most cases, Russian universities tend to have a lower tuition fee in comparison to other countries. Our Partner University offers a wide range of students with Residency Training, Foundation, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, and Specialist degrees. At present most of the Russian universities Provide degree programs both in English and Russian. A year of study with the pre-university Russian Language course costs $2000 to USD 4500. Training in the full-time department of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree costs approximately 200-260 thousand roubles ($2500-USD 5700) per year. The cost of training on the full-time Specialist’s degree ranges in between 240-260 thousand roubles ($ 3500-6000 USD) per year on average. The minimum cost is 120 thousand roubles (USD 2000) per year whereas the maximum cost is 630 thousand roubles (USD 9000) per year.
In addition to this, a student will have to pay for medical insurance, which is obligatory and costs about USD 200 a year. Our partner institutions provide students with accommodation in dormitories in different parts of the city, close to the university buildings. Accommodation in a student dormitory costs about $300– USD 2000 a year.

Why should I study in Russia?

Living in Russia is a vibrant and colorful experience though the climate is extreme you have to adjust to it. Education in Russia is globally renowned and well known for its quality. The quality of education and the living standards in Russia is among the highest in the world. Additionally, the cost of living and tuition fees for international students is generally lower than that of other countries. If you’re curious about why study in Russia, here are 5 benefits you need to know before investing in your academic career in Russia.

How does the Russianeducation.org help me?

Russianeducation.org provides you with the resources to find and apply to the school and program that are the right fit for your interests and needs. In addition, we will guide you through the entire application process, helping you obtain your letter of acceptance so you can begin studying at the school of your dreams in the Russian Federation.

Your support helps us continue creating more great opportunities for many students. We are making our services totally free for the students in the coming future. For now, Russianeducation.org will collect a mandatory $200 USD processing fee (the “Processing Fee”) from any applicant. Students will receive visa invitation letters within 30-45 working days of (the “Processing Fee”) payment confirmation. Additionally, the cost of services is $450 USD for those applicants who belong to visa-free states and is $525 USD for those applicants who belong to states for which visas are required. Please contact us at admission@russianeducation.org if you have any further questions. We are happy to help.

Russianeducation.org simplifies the study abroad search, application, and acceptance process by connecting international students, recruitment partners, and academic institutions on one platform.

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Although we don’t currently have any active coupon codes, we occasionally run seasonal bursaries & discounts – join our newsletter to stay updated!

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