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Russia is now making a greater priority to foreign students by opening its border

Foreign students are now in higher priority lists to enter Russia

“All foreign students who entered Russian universities will be able to come to Russia for full-time study”, said Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel.

The algorithm – the rules by which foreign students can come to Russia – has already been developed by the Ministry of Education and Science and will be approved in the near future. After its approval, foreign students from all Russian universities will have the opportunity to come, settle in hostels and continue their studies in their usual format.

“Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we petitioned and applied to the operational headquarters to allow students from all foreign countries to enter for study this year. In last year it was only a part of the countries with which Russia has air connections, then this year we asked to admit students from all the countries from which they came, and this is a wide list. The principal consent of the operational headquarters has been received” ,said Valery Falkov, head of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

In addition, he drew attention to the fact that all foreign students who come to Russia will get vaccine against coronavirus here. The procedure, as in the case of Russian students, will be voluntary.

“We have the same requirements for underage students and also voluntary consent to vaccinate adults. Therefore, which of the foreign students has not yet been vaccinated and expresses such a desire, Russian universities will certainly provide such an opportunity, “the head of the department emphasized.

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