IKBFU Now Opened Five Student Dormitories at Once in Kaliningrad
IKBFU Now Opened Five Student Dormitories At Once In Kaliningrad

IKBFU Now Opened Five Student Dormitories at Once in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad, The Russian Federation’s Minister of Science and Higher Education, Valery Falkov, paid a visit to Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University(IKBFU) in the opening of new infrastructure facilities, the opening of a complex of student dormitories and a swimming pool. Further, marks the beginning of the acquisition of Russia’s largest university in the westernmost region of the country.

“In Kaliningrad, on Yubileinaya Street, Five five-story buildings with 275  apartments designed for 700 university students. There are rooms and stairs available for people with disabilities. There’s now a playground, as well as a renovated park for recreation and walkable apartments. Construction started in 2019 at the cost of the federal address funding program as part of the National Education Project,” said Dmitry Lyskov, the governor’s press secretary.

The IKBFU now incorporates a new swimming pool to the campus that includes six, 25-meter long swimming lanes. This can accommodate 60 students at once.

“The complexes surrounded by a fenced area with at least four security guards on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, access control systems installed at each building’s entrance, meaning that only cards used to gain access. In addition, The entire complex is under CCTV surveillance with images send to a centralized situational centre. We make every attempt to have a safe and comfortable environment for our students. The climate at the university is one of growth and advancement. A comfortable living and learning room gave to us today, and it satisfies the president’s and government’s objectives. All of this leads to national prosperity, which is our ultimate focus today,” said Alexander Fedorov, Rector of IKBFU University.

“Dormitories are one of the most important aspects of the university’s development. Nearly half of our students come from many different regions and countries to receive an education, so the housing problem is particularly acute. We strongly support the IKBFU’s efforts. We see the university’s growth as a growth vector. The university campus is a modern landmark in the history of such a large public university,” said Anton Alikhanov, the region’s head of Kaliningrad.

The commissioning of new infrastructure projects on May 14, 2021, is only a small part of the IKBFU. I. Kant. ‘s large-scale construction policy. A full-fledged university campus with new teaching and laboratory areas, dormitories, co-working spaces, and other amenities is expected to be built on a 29-hectare site by 2025. The construction of five new buildings is a sign of successful and dynamic development.

The IKBFU University named after Immanuel Kant is Kaliningrad’s primary and largest university. Around 11,000 students are currently enrolled at the institution. More than 160 secondary education and higher professional education programs are generally in operation. International students make up 9.6% of the total IKBFU’s student population.

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