Let the World Know: Why many Indian Students Come to Russia
indian student russia

Let the World Know: Why many Indian Students Come to Russia

What are the advantages of studying and working in Russia? Young Indian Students now studying at South Ural State University (SUSU), Russia shared their opinions.

Students and young professionals who want to pursue careers in science and participate in international projects should gain experience in other countries and become familiar with their cultures. Students can gain new knowledge and valuable acquaintances through this way, as well as broadcast their views to a larger audience and convey their country’s traditions and scientific achievements to the rest of the globe.

Upasak Bose, an Indian student studying international relations, economics, and business in Russia

Upasak Bose has earned an MBA in Finance and Marketing from his home country, as well as a diploma in Financial Accounting. He has previously worked as a business analyst for a major Indian IT firm. One of the young researcher’s new objectives is to finish his postgraduate degree in economics at SUSU, obtain a PhD, and teach. Upasak is already assisting youngsters with their English studies.

The young scientist places great importance on scientific research. He has since written 13 publications for scientific publications in collaboration with SUSU instructors.

“During my undergraduate studies, I wrote several research papers that helped me get into graduate school and obtain a government scholarship. In addition , the lecturers are always willing to help and clarify if you have any questions. You can discuss about science, studies and some personal matters. This is the first time I’ve seen such generosity at a university,” Upasak Bose said.

The example of Russian professors is encouraging and he would like to continue to work at SUSU in future, the student from India added.

Indian student Russia
Upasak Bose © Photo : SUSU

In his leisure time, the postgraduate student studies politics, business, and international relations in addition to economics. The institution makes an effort to encourage the interests of young international scholars.

“I am engaged in almost all economic, foreign relations, and research-related events and projects. For example, I took part in UN Security Council (UNSC) and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) model conferences,” Upasak Bose stated.

Aside from engaging in these programs, the young scholar attempts to establish himself as an organizer. He has organized various Indian celebrations, including Holi, Diwali and Bengali New Year, in cooperation with the International Students’ Association to introduce university students to Indian culture.

Vivek Theyyathan Valappil is an indian student aspiring entrepreneur who studies economics in SUSU, Russia.

Vivek is an undergraduate student studying a bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Trade at SUSU. Further, he is passionate in entrepreneurship, marketing, and business analytics.

“I intend to stay in Russia for the time being until I finish my education, and then I will open a firm that can be developed into an international corporation,” he explained.

This young guy is living in a university dorm. In his free time, he enjoys going out and conversing with others. He shows interest in researching Russian consumer culture, specifically how they make decisions and select one product over another.

“Universities are primarily concerned with developing a workforce. Although there is a lot for an entrepreneur to learn in prestigious universities. At SUSU, I can access the library and ask for help from professors,” Vivek said. He believed he had already begun to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomena of Russian hypermarkets and consumer behavior.

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