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MIPT among top 10 universities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

MIPT among top 10 universities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) included at No. 9 in the new QS EECA rankings, two places up from last year’s ratings. The recently announced league table lists 400 emerging European and Central Asian universities for the first time. However, 52 institutions make it into the list. In addition, the 2021 version of QS EECA contains 121 Russian schools.

The rankings represent the efforts of the Eastern European and Central Asian nations. And undertake to enhance their reputation globally. Similarly, ranking fosters international collaboration with partners. Further, attracts talented students from abroad. Most importantly promote healthy competition in higher education. The nine indicators presented to assess university performance were web impact, student-to-faculty ratio, publication and citation statistics, and more.

“The international QS rankings consistently have been increased by MIPT.  Similarly, MIPT scores higher on indices such as the international research network, scientific prestige, and the credibility of the employer. Our progression towards these standards is the consequence of systematic work, including researches performed under Project 5-100. As we build up our academic and research capital. This gets reflected not just in our standing according to QS: Our freshman students enrolled with ever-higher state exam GPAs. The proportion of international students is growing. Top scientists and companies are expressing more interest in joint research projects,” MIPT Rector Nikolay Kudryavtsev explained.

“The next step for MIPT is to improve our competencies in translating research findings into new technologies, solutions, and patents. In fact, this goal stated in our new program for strategic academic leadership, which we are due to implement beginning in 2021. Its focus is on forming an ecosystem of universities, R&D centers, and companies,” the rector added.

MIPT Vice-Rector for Science Vitaly Bagan remarked: “What enables us to ‘ascend’ international rankings year after year is the coordinated effort that encompasses education, research, and innovation. We debuted in the QS general rankings in the 441-450 bracket in 2014. This year, MIPT placed at No. 281 in the QS World University Rankings, making it the first among Russia’s technological universities.”

“MIPT secures its growing scores by emphasizing collaboration with Russian and international scientific and academic centers,” the vice-rector went on. In 2020, the University Center for Photonics and 2D Materials became one of the winners of the Russian government’s mega grants competition. This will allow us to conduct quantum physics research on low-dimensional systems under the scientific supervision of Nobel laureate Kostya Novoselov. Next year, we are opening a new international laboratory, to be headed by Professor Luis Martín-Moreno, one of the founders of modern nanophononics.”

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has compiled university rankings since 2004 and is among the world’s most popular sources of reference data on the subject.

After a long gap of COVID-19, from February 8, MIPT students return to classrooms following the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation made a decision to lift quarantine restrictions in higher education organizations in Russia. Finally from February 8, 2021, all Russian universities reopen for full-time education, and soon students from all over the country will be able to finally return to their alma mater 11 months after transitioning to online studies.

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