New English Master's Program At NSU For Quantum Tech Enthusiasts

New English Master’s Program At NSU For Quantum Tech Enthusiasts

In today’s world, many students find themselves interested in scientific issues at the cutting edge of modern physics and nanophysics. Similarly, these students can now join New English-Language Master’s Program in Quantum Technologies and Nanoscience at Novosibirsk State University (NSU). The key competency advantage of this program at NSU is the ability to deliver experimental research using unique experimental facilities.

Today, the top IT corporations are developing quantum processors. Further, research groups are claiming quantum superiority – the creation of artificial quantum systems whose behavior cannot be reproduced on conventional computers. Meanwhile, Quantum processors developed in Russia under the supervision of Rosatom. Modern experimental quantum physics demands the most powerful scientific instruments.

However, students can now conduct experiments on the most complex physical systems possible. Thanks to cloud accessibility to quantum processors. The Master’s program “Quantum Technologies and Nanoscience” at NSU is founded on the research groups of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, has a wide international reputation and connections with prominent foreign scientific centers.

The Key Focus of NSU Master’s Program

The Key Focus of NSU Master's Program

The foundations of quantum computing are the key focus of the NSU master’s program. We recently showed two independently programmable qubits based on different atoms, and NSU students, both Russian and international, contributed significantly to this project. The Novosibirsk Academgorodok has a unique experimental basis and qualified researchers.
And developing quantum technologies has been one of its top goals. Students will have the opportunity to work in research groups dealing with both quantum technologies and developing related issues. Especially in the fields of optics and condensed matter physics, as part of the master’s program.

We believe that graduates will be able to continue their education in graduate school and will eventually be successful in a scientific career in Novosibirsk and beyond. This is due to the fact that global interest in quantum technology is developing at a breakneck speed. China is increasingly asserting itself as a credible contender for global leadership. Our undergraduates have made significant contributions to international scientific papers as co-authors. Similarly, the students will gain the essential experience of working on some of the most fascinating problems in modern physics,” said Ilya Beterov, the master’s program head at NSU.

The requirements for admission to Russian Federation universities, including Novosibirsk State University, were significantly changed in 2021. The chosen innovations significantly broaden applicants’ opportunities, and the department in charge of working with candidates discussed all of the complexities of the new admissions policies as well as the unique aspects of this year’s admissions campaign.

NSU admissions officers might ask you to participate in interviews as part of the application process for the Quantum Technologies and Nanoscience Master’s program. English is the medium of instruction. The duration of the program is two years. If you have any questions regarding the university please contact the NSU/ Russian education Forum’s officials.

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