NovSU launched a project for foreigners "Open Russian language"
Novsu Foreign Students Open Russian language

NovSU launched a project for foreigners “Open Russian language”

Novgorod State University (NovSU) has launched the “Open Russian Language” project. Foreigners of any age may become its participants, whether they live in Russia or in other countries.

The project brings together more than 50 courses, all available free of charge. Students can choose any of them based on their initial level. The university explains that the simplest programs, “My day” or “In the cafe”, are offered to beginners. Courses on Russian literature, Russian state symbols, and other topics are aimed for more advanced students.

The programs cover different aspects of everyday life, which will let foreigners develop their communication skills really well. Students can enroll in one or several courses at once.

The learning will be done fully online, or in a combination of remote and offline formats. The authors of the project note that the duration of each course is from 10 to 20 academic hours. More than 1,000 people will be able to join the programs. After the completion, 100 graduates who have shown the best results will be selected. They will be able to take tests in Russian as a foreign language for free and receive a certificate.

Registration for the courses is open until mid-December.

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