Study in Russia

We connect you to the best institutions based in amazing cities within Russia. Studying in Russia is quite fun, there are a lot of places you could visit and things to do. Choosing to pursue your education in Russia means to get a genuine return on your massive investment in your study abroad journey.

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Education In Russia

Russia has one of the best mass-education systems in the world, producing a literacy rate of 98% (higher than most Western European countries). The system consists of obligatory basic education and higher education.

Study in Russia

Living In Russia

Living in Russia as a student will surely be a unique experience. The quality of education and the living standards in Russia is among the highest in the world. Additionally, the cost of living and tuition fees for international students is generally lower than that of other countries.

Universities In Russia

Many Russian university provides a large scholarships funds to International students. Looking at the world university ranking data you’ll always find Russian university on the top of the lists.

Meet Carlos, a 2nd year Master's student at HSE University.

A couple of years ago, Carlos made the decision to study in Russia, and his life has changed dramatically as a result. Watch this video to find out how he came up with this idea and hear him dispel some of the popular myths about studying in Russia.

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