What Made German Student Study In The Presidential Academy-RANEPA
RANEPA German Student Jessica Grunwald

What Made German Student Study In The Presidential Academy-RANEPA

Jessica Grunwald from Bielefeld, Germany, has decided to study International Management At the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration RANEPA’s Institute of Business and Business Administration (IBDA) in Moscow in her 3rd year of undergraduate studies. This made possible for her to join RANEPA through a collaboration between the IBDA RANEPA and the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. During which Jessica studies at the Faculty of Economics and specializes in international management.

Similarly, Jessica creates a unique Christmas photo calendar for her parents and sister every year, capturing the most memorable moments from their lives. She added images of Kazakhstan, a country with which the Grunwald family associated and which the girl aspired to visit one day. She also intended to study Russian thoroughly. At home, she has spoken little, because of her belief that her Russian experience will prepare her for job in Russia and other European nations.

Jessica Grunwald, a German Student, Spoke About Her Impressions and Future Goals

“When I heard that I could study in RANEPA, Russia for the next two semesters. I was overjoyed. It was a little frightening: I realized I was in for a lot of work and responsibility,” Jessica said.

Jessica was correct; the load was very heavy. According to her estimations, the student currently spends roughly 40 hours each week studying. Approximately thirteen different courses available with her at any given time, with a few lasting up to ten weeks. But, as Jessica points out, things are never boring and there is always something to do.

“I have many fascinating programs at RANEPA, Russia, specifically Russian language courses and English that are not available in my institution in Germany, so I’m grateful to my teacher Galina Filatova,” Jessica Grunwald says. These include “Advertising Management,” “Corporate and Social Responsibility,” “Project Management,” “Career Planning,” “Strategic Management,” as well as many others.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the student now has to learn remotely, but she was able to discover a silver lining in the fact that she was able to develop abilities in making vivid and intelligible presentations and delivering them to a new audience on the monitor screen. The online tests, though with a unique structure, were equally successful.

Jessica’s classmates from the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences are often curious about what it’s like to study in Russia. She says, “I strongly suggest Russian universities and RANEPA. The best impressions are indeed from connecting with the administrators, who’ve always helped me in everything from the first day, and from the lecturers, who put so much effort and excitement into our classes.”

Jessica Grunwald is confident that a year at the Russian Academy will help her prepare for career in any European country. Perhaps Jessica’s dream of work in Moscow may actually happen.

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